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Your Mobile Event App Software

Showcasing the power of digital media, the evento mobile app software will bring your event alive with these features; Event feed, Event information, Event schedules, Interactive Maps, Athlete lists, Start lists, Live timing splits and Results, Push notifications as your followed athletes cross timing mats, Finisher selfie


Share meaningful moments with loved ones

Track and follow family and friends on race day at the event and from afar. Live timing splits at your finger tips.

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Multi Event Apps

Combine all your events into one event app. Cross promotional benefits for your event portfolio.


Live timing splits pushed to your device with the flexibility to connect to most timing companys.

Event Feed

Combine all your social media and push notifications into one central spot on event day. We even play Video !

Finisher Selfie

Offer your finishers the opportunity to record a selfie with their result overlayed to proudly share on social media of their choice.

Increase Partner Visibility

Prominent sponsor placement and social interaction options available

Ease Event Registration

Provides key information for your Athlete Services & Event Registration teams

Simple Annual Licence Fee

No hidden costs, software, service & support for one annual fee

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