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ENERGISE your event with an Evento Sports Event App

BEAUTIFUL Mobile Apps with REAL TIME analytics

Live Event Timing

Ignite your event with LIVE Timing Splits, GPS Positions and Leaderboards. Personal Timing Splits can be displayed for tracked Athletes. Timing is displayed via an API from your chosen timing company.

Searchable Athlete Lists

Search and Track your chosen athletes. The searchable Athlete List allows competitors and followers to follow and save their chosen athletes. Timing Splits and messages specific to the athletes you are following will appear.

Event Schedule

Display entire Event Schedules with multi-layer event detail and multiple start times. Last minute changes are no longer a problem. Easily updated via our CMS system.

Event Info & Maps

Deliver essential Race Info and Course Maps to athletes and followers. Share important Race Information and links in multiple formats.


Introducing our LIVE Event Feed

On Race Day the front page of the App becomes an integrated LIVE stream where personalised Push Messages, Sponsor Banner Advertising, Tracked Athletes Timing Splits, LIVE Video YouTube, Facebook and Twitter streams all appear in a single interface.

One CENTRAL spot for all the BUZZ on Race Day - MAGIC!

LIVE Race Day Event Feed

Delivers industry leading adoption and truly ENERGISES your event

PERSONALISE Event Experience

A single interface for athletes and followers to connect, interact and personalise giving complete control over their personal event experience.

Optimise YOUR Event

For Race Organisers the LIVE Feed generates a single-rich data stream that helps you optimise your event and drive ROI.

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