Evento FAQ's

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Sponsorship is all about tapping into the emotion and passion of your target audience and connecting them with a sponsor in a meaningful and positive way.

The Mobile App provides the ultimate sponsorship opportunity because the target audience is already actively engaged so your sponsors can spend their time and money leveraging this engagement rather than trying to create it.

The Mobile App enables a sponsor to:

  1. Connect with their target audience emotionally to magnify the impact of their message
  2. Bring core advertising to life – a campaign can come to life well before event day and live on long after the event
  3. Blend traditional, digital and social communication mediums with an integrated clear consistent approach via the Live Event Feed

Sponsorship is all about using emotion and passion to create memorable experiences, people share experiences, social media is all about sharing.  Let sponsors utilise the Live Event Feed to deliver emotional compelling messages to a target audience actively engaged – MAGIC!

Options for a Sponsor within an App:

  1. Brand the “Splash” Page
  2. Brand the Mobile App with the logo/colours of the Sponsor
  3. Brand the Live Timing and/or Leaderboard
  4. Push Notifications sponsor specific promoting Brand or Products
  5. Banner links within the Live Event Feed
  6. Digital Race Bags – promote products or offers specific to the event athletes and followers
  7. iBeacon – location specific messages at the event expo or when passing the sponsors store

Talk to us about how we can help you develop a measurable unique marketing initiative for your sponsor.


  1. Engage in real-time by location with personal profile information
  2. Make it simpler and more efficient for athletes to personalise their event experience
  3. Enhance sponsor exposure and monetize your event
  4. Extend the shelf-life of your event
  5. Your event is your greatest marketing channel

Yes, with our easy to use CMS you can:

  1. Publish Race Schedules, Send Push Notifications and much more
  2. Measure Sponsor banner clicks, download user behaviour patterns and evaluate your events success
  3. Updating your Race Schedule, Handbook, Athlete Lists is easy; make changes, re-arrange the schedule with the click of a button
  4. Fully Managed, if your team is busy making the event happen our customer service team can do it all as an extra add-on
  5. Fully Supported, customer support throughout the whole design, build, launch and race day is local, friendly and ready to help
  1. Read and Sign Evento Annual Licence Agreement
  2. Pay 30% Deposit 12 weeks before your event
  3. Shared Dropbox folder created
  4. Provide content – images, logos and maps into shared Dropbox folder
  5. Notify your timing company and provide contact details of timing company to Evento
  6. Design and Build of App takes place in conjunction with your event manager/organiser
  7. DRAFT Mobile App created at least 8 weeks before your event
  8. DRAFT Mobile App APPROVED so it can be submitted to Apple and Android App stores for review and approval 
  9. iOS Mobile App submitted to Apple App Store for the Apple Review and Approval process, this takes at least 10 days
  10. When Apple Approval received the Android Mobile App is submitted to Google Play for Approval, this takes 24 hours
  11. When both Apple and Android Apps have been Approved the Mobile App is ready to be Published via download from App stores 
  12. Test and Approve the Mobile App
  13. Pay final invoice 
  14. Go LIVE – iOS and Android Mobile App ready to promote and publish approx 3 weeks before your event
  1. Provide up-to-date Schedules
  2. Send Instant Push Messages
  3. Gather Real-Time Information
  4. Interact with Athletes
  5. Maximise Sponsor ROI
  6. Manage Athlete Database
  7. View Maps
  8. Get your Athletes Networking
  9. Integrated Social Media Feeds
  10. Live Leaderboards
  11. Live Timing Splits
  12. Truly Utilise the Power of Digital Marketing and the Magic of Software

The Evento Mobile App supports Apple iOS and Google Play Android platforms.

We like to have a 3 month runway to launch any new customers Mobile App

Apple review and approve all iOS Mobile Apps, approval takes a minimum of 10 days.

The approval process is completely beyond our control so we must always allow enough at leat 10 days for this process.

An iOS App cannot be launched until it is reviewed and approved by Apple.


This is all discussed and agreed during the design and build phase of your App and depends on what information you want to display on the Searchable Athlete List and how you want the Timing Splits to look.  We work with your chosen Timing Company to display this information as they provide an API to the Mobile App.

Before your event we will contact and discuss how/what information you want to Push Out to Athletes and Followers.  We will give you ideas and can load a Pre-Scheduled list of Push Messages you have approved or; you can create and load Push Messages yourself via the CMS.  It is very easy to load Push Messages yourself, simply login to CMS, choose date and time you wish to send a message, type in the content of no more than 147 characters, check the content, and then push SEND.

When you promote and publish your Mobile App we advise you to make sure you tell all registered Athletes that when they download the Mobile App they need to ensure they have NOTIFICATIONS turned ON.  Race Organisers advise their athletes on advertising material and at the Race Briefing that they will be using the Mobile App as a way to communicate during the event so Athletes need to make sure they download the App and have Notifications turned ON.  When an Athlete or Follower first downloads the Mobile App from either the Apple or Android App store they will be asked if they want to receive Notifications so there is an automatic prompt.